This Initiative Beautifully Shows Everyday Life As A Black Woman

Njaimeh Njie is exploring the many different complexities of black womanhood in the United States with her new website, Power(ed) by Grace: Musings on Black Womanhood

The project, which Njie started last spring, documents the different realms of life that impact black women and girls by providing photo and video content to help them tell their stories. Starting with photos of the black women in her hometown of Pittsburgh, Njie has honed in on the everyday complexities and nuances of black womanhood that are often overlooked in mainstream media by showing these women in their everyday element. In the photo series, some of which can be seen on her Instagram, she shows black women gardening, skateboarding, enjoying their homegirls’ company and more. 

“I came to focus on exploring the small moments in black women’s lives because, when pulled together, these are what make us who we are,” Njie wrote on Blavity about why she created Power(ed) by Grace. “By lifting up our everyday ups and downs, I hoped to provide a space where we could see and appreciate the beauty in ourselves and consequently share that with the world.” 

According to her site, Power(ed) by Grace wants to help promote diversity and to uplift the lives of black women by asking them to define themselves on their own terms and in boundless ways without society’s input.  

“Black women are human beings deserving of care and consideration, and we deserve images that reflect the nuances, trials and triumphs of our lives,” Njie wrote. “The content and stories on this platform are a simple declaration that we’re here, we’ve been here and we’re not going anywhere. I hope that there are black girls and women out there who will see this and find some of their stories, but I also hope that anyone who engages in this work can see it and find their stories, too.”

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