Five tips for container gardening success

Courtesy of Bonnie Plants Container gardens are an easy way to incorporate color, edibles and interest into the landscape. Container gardens allow you to easily dress up your balcony and patio, create a colorful welcome for guests and keep edibles close at hand for cooking and entertaining. They’re also […] Click here to view original […]

RHS Garden Bridgewater clears city planning

View of the Welcome Centre. Image: Hodder and Partners The application for the 63-hectare garden will now be referred to the Secretary of State because it is being built on the green belt, on the site of a former historic garden at Worsley New Hall. An RHS spokesperson said […] Click here to view original […]

Seed Now, Eat Later: The Urban Dweller’s Guide to Indoor Gardening

  Though it may not feel like it, spring is just around the corner, and farmers are in full swing prepping their seedlings for a lush summer harvest. For home gardeners and urban dwellers—whose unseen gardens dwell on rooftops or tucked into windowsills—that means it’s time to start planting, too. […] Click here to view […]

The Christmas my in-laws threw out my treasured books: Carol Birch

My marriage was on the rocks and then came the revelation that my lifes collection of books had been given away to a jumble sale Newly arrived in England after eight years in the south-west of Ireland, we dumped our stuff in Kennington, south London, and went to my then husbands parents house for Come […]

Lawn wars: leaf blower opponents seek peaceful resolution to neighborly feud

Frustration over noise and pollution have led to campaigns against the gardening tools, and concerns about links to class and race have increased the tension It will be happening, this weekend, all across the US. The countrys front lawn feuds over the disruptive leaf blower have been at full-blast for decades. Bad faith, personal slights […]

Spooky! Messages from the beyond or just coincidence? | Oliver Burkeman

Weve all heard eyebrow-raising tales so whats really going on? In 1944, a British soldier fighting in Italy was knocked unconscious by shell fragments. That same day in Monmouthshire, he later recalled, my wife was washing up after lunch. My daughter, aged two and a half, to whom I was only a name, was playing […]

Stone age cities: what modern urbanites could learn from paleolithic humans

However civilised we may now consider ourselves to be, biologically we remain much as we were before we began farming and moved into cities. Can we create a healthier future by returning to our paleolithic past? The city is not our natural habitat. For the last three million years, we evolved as hunter-gatherers, living in […]

No backyard, no problem: how to grow your own vegetables in an apartment

We are increasingly disconnected from the food we eat. What better way to fix that than to grow your own stash? Madeleine Somerville explains how For the five years I spent as a youth worker, I spent my days playing pool and handing out condoms, functioning as an advocate and running a gardening program called […]