Rustic Garden Pruners secateurs shears cutter bypass hand prunning tool


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Rustic Garden Pruners secateurs shears cutter bypass hand prunning tool

Rustic Garden Pruners secateurs shears cutter bypass hand prunning tool

With sleek rustic design, this garden pruners with a
spring-loaded handle specially designed for a firm grip and easy use.  The sturdy,
spring loaded blades can tackle thick stems and even smaller branches.  Features a
leather loop for securing the pruners when not in
use.  The spring is designed to age
without becoming stiff and squeaky, and the clasp is easily opened and closed
without a struggle.  Ideal for florists and home gardeners.  

The high-carbon steel of the blade is not stainless, so wipe
dry after every use and keep in a dry place such as a workshop or shed.  To ensure smooth
action, these pruners may be
lubricated from time to time.  Sharpen only using a whetstone along the outside
bevel, not the flat of the blade.  

Measures 20cm long (blade 6cm long), weight 235g.  Brand new condition

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