50 High Tensile Aluminium Greenhouse Nuts & Bolts Genuine Elite Greenhouses Parts


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50 off Square Head Aluminium Nuts and Bolts (50 of each) – Cropped are available at the same price, as well as longer versions of both types – please look at our other listings. M6 x 11mm with 10mm size nuthead. These are genuine Elite Greenhouse bolts which are high tensile and have been scientifically tested to be 2 1/2 times stronger than standard aluminium bolts. As you will have probably discovered when you dismantled your greenhouse, standard bolts are very soft and shear easily, these will not. We have dismantled Elite greenhouses which were decades old and removed the bolts with no problem. These bolts are the standard bolt size used in the vast majority of greenhouses. Square heads are used when rebuilding greenhouses, cropped are designed to fit into glazing bars once the greenhouse is built and can be used for attaching shelves and accessories etc. Note for Crittal greenhouse owners: If you have a Crittal greenhouse which used round head slotted bolts that are no longer available, these are suitable with a minor modification. Inside your glazing bars there is a ridge which located with the slot in the original bolt heads and prevented the bolt turning. Our bolts will fit with just a very light dressing with a file to create a shallow groove, the square head will not turn inside the glazing bar, the filing is necessary simply to clear the ridge. This literally takes seconds and will enable you to rebuild your greenhouse with suitable aluminium bolts. Please do not under any circumstances consider fitting steel roofing bolts which will react with the aluminium and quickly sieze solidly inside the bars and completely stop any chance of dismantling in the future. Zinc plating will not help at all, we have had to scrap several greenhouses which would have otherwise been fine simply because steel bolts were used.

  • Elite Greenhouses square head Nuts & Bolts
  • High Tensile Aluminium – will not shear
  • Fits vast majority of greenhouses
  • Can be simply adapted to use in place of slotted Crittall bolts
  • Also available in packs of 15

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50 High Tensile Aluminium Greenhouse Nuts & Bolts Genuine Elite Greenhouses Parts


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Elite Greenhouses square head Nuts & Bolts


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