Petrol Lawn Mower Maintenance-Service Your Mower Ready For Spring

On this page you will learn some tips on How To Service Your Petrol Lawnmower Ready For Spring and the first cut of the season. There is nothing worse than wanting to cut the grass and then when you get the lawnmower out the shed for the first time after it sitting unused all winter in the shed it wont start.

After pulling on the starter cord until you are blue in the face and saying a few naughty words all you will probably want to do with the mower is take it to the tip and get a new one.

I have brought many a petrol mower on eBay that was being sold for spares or repairs after the owner had failed to get it to start and decided not to bother with it and buy new.Well let me tell you that nine times out of ten all the mower needed was a good service,sometimes it was as simple as just cleaning the spark plug and away the old mower would go.

Watch the video bellow as you will be able to see the basic steps to follow when doing petrol lawnmower maintenance,the video will show you how to clean the spark plug,the air filter,how to change the oil and how to remove the lawnmower blade and check the blade for damage.

Basic Tasks For Maintaining A Petrol Lawnmower