Man Puts 4 Tomato Slices On A Bucket Of Dirt. Now Watch What Follows Just 12 Days Later

Want to learn a quick and easy way to grow tomatoes? This is an awesome tip and all you need are overripe tomatoes to start growing new ones with.

Basically, you take an overripe tomato and a pot with soil in it. In this demo composting potting soil is used. You slice up the tomato in quarter-inch thick slices and then just toss four of the slices into the pot, sprinkling them with just enough dirt so that they are all covered.

You want to water them every now and again and within only a week and a half you should have a pot full of like 50 or so sprouting seeds. Pretty cool, right? Youll want to transfer the bigger seedlings into different pots so they can grow. Usually 2 per pot is recommended. Thats literally all you need to do to start growing fresh and delicious tomatoes!

Really amazing tip and definitely one to share with all your gardening friends and family!

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