Garden Strimmers-Petrol Or Electric

Garden Strimmers-Petrol Or Electric

Choosing A Strimmer

When it comes to choosing which Garden Strimmers-Petrol Or Electric  to use this can usually be determined by the size of area you want to use it on. For larger garden I would highly recommend petrol strimmers as these give you a lot more freedom of movement i.e. no cables and they are also a lot more powerful.

petrol strimmer

Electric strimmers are a good choice for smaller gardens,they are allot lighter and more environmentally friendly but there use is limited to small trimming jobs.

electric strimmer

Grass trimmers or strimmers are a great piece of kit in any gardeners collection of Garden tools,mostly using a nylon line that spins very fast to cut through the grass or metal blades can be fitted for cutting the tougher weeds.
Strimmers can be used for all those awkward to reach areas that the mower just cant reach, like around the base of trees along the sides of walls or around fence post to name just a few.They are also the tool of choice for tackling those overgrown areas full of long grass, nettles and brambles that would be to much for your lawn mower to handle.

The choice of strimmers can depend on the size of your garden and this will determine which strimmer you use and whether or not to buy an electric or petrol strimmer.

Electric strimmers

Electric strimmers are a lot cheaper to buy and are lighter to use compared to petrol strimmers and are a good choice for smaller gardens, most electric strimmers require an electric cable limiting your range from the nearest plug, batterie powered models are available which gets around those awkward cables and are another good option for smaller gardens.

Petrol strimmers

Petrol strimmers are more powerful and heavier than electric strimmers but allow more freedom of movement especially around lager gardens,fitted with either a nylon cord head or a blade they are able to tackle larger jobs either of long grass or brush i.e., nettles and brambles which some times gives them the name brush-cutters.