Cylinder lawn mower

A petrol cylinder lawn mower is the ideal mower if you want achieve a finely cut lawn,the blades are set along a cylinder that rotates forward and cuts against a fixed blade. It is the lawnmower of choice for many groundskeepers maintaining England’s fine lawn tennis courts and bowling greens. Even if you do not have such demanding lawn requirements as these, a cylinder lawn mower can give your lawn an unparalleled manicure.
The cylinder lawn mower provides a very effective cut, and there is still probably no cleaner way to mow a lawn. The clean cut allows grass blades to heal quickly, resulting in a lush, evenly cut, quickly growing lawn. Lawns mowed with a cylinder lawn mower are also more resistant to weeds.

Webb 17in Petrol Cylinder Lawnmower

specification:Loncin 118cc engine
5 bladed hardened steel cutting cylinder – 17in/43cm
3-way drive system ( Drive, Cut and Drive or Cut)
5 position height of cut from10-35mm; polypropylene grassbox
Plastic Front Roller and Steel Rear Roller; Foldable handlebars

The Webb C17L 43cm/17inch self propelled cylinder mower provides the close cut striped finish that is traditionally associated with cylinder mowers. Powered by the easy starting Loncin 87cc OHV 4-stroke engine it features the revolutionary QC Quick Cartridge system.
The advantage of the QC system is the versatility it offers. The cutting blade cassette can be removed and replaced by the QC lawn scarifier cassette which converts the lawn mower into a powered raker, helping you to clear your lawn of moss and other debris, allowing it to breathe and promoting healthy growth. The ten blade QC cassette ensures an even closer, finer cut ideal for a professional finish to croquet and tennis lawns.

Allett Kensington 17K Petrol Cylinder Lawnmower (formerly known as the Atco Balmoral 17SK)



3 hp Kawasaki Four Stroke Single Cylinder Unleaded Petrol Engine
Fitted with 51 cm / 20″ width cylinder cassette for a high quality scissor-cut
54kg Mower Weight
3 way drive system – roll, cut or mow with self-propulsion
Infinite height of cut adjustment (6-32mm)
The Kensington 17K combines multiple unique features to provide unrivalled cutting performance and give your lawn perfect stripes. This four-stroke petrol-engined cylinder mower is recommended for keen home gardeners with lawns of up to 280 square metres.
The Allett Kensington 17K is self-propelled and powered by a 98cc Kawasaki single cylinder engine with recoil start, which is easy starting and has a low emissions rate. The lawn mower is equipped with a six-bladed precision cutting cylinder with a 43.2cm (17″) width of cut, with a fully adjustable cutting height via a stepless micro-adjust knob between 6mm and 32mm to allow users to cut the grass to suit conditions and the desired finish.