6 ‘Back to the Future’ predictions we can’t believe came true

As every good sci-fi nerd knows, today is Back to the FutureDay! But what even diehard fans of the classic time-travel comedy may not realize is that quite a few of the movies predictions for the near future came true.

Which of the films prophecies came to pass? Were glad you asked!

1) Skynet became self-aware

As the Daily Dotreported in July, humanitys cutting-edge robotics technology has begun to rebel against its makerswith deadly consequences. And much as in Back to the Future, a woman named Sarah OConnor (just plain Sarah Connor in the movie) warned us.

2) Most of the Earth is covered in skulls

Have you looked around your neighborhood lately? Skulls everywhere! Some people would chalk that up to a holiday called Halloween, but to us it seems more like the iconic opening scene from Back to the Future.

TriStar Pictures

3) Arnold Schwarzenegger got naked

Who could forget this hilarious (and NSFW) moment from Back to the Futurewhen Arnold Schwarzenegger walks into a bar naked?

6) Time travel turned out to be complicated

If theres one thing that Back to the Futuremade clear, its that going back in time to try to change the future-present is a lot harder than it seems on paper. When a couple of guys invented time travel in a garage laboratory in 2004as seen in the acclaimed documentary Primerthey confirmed that its indeed a confusing business. In fact, the duo was so bad at describing the science behind their technique to a lay audience that people have been trying to explain theirexplanations ever since. What a headache.

Photo via Mooshuu/Flickr (CC BY-SA 2.0)

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